Python is a general purpose dynamically typed programming language that focuses on making the developer focus on the business logic and throw away the boilerplate. It has been successful in all types of applications especially in Web development and has been used by many enterprises most importantly Google.

Python is a beautiful language with a neat syntax that enforces your code to look tidy and clean without sacrificing performance. Python applications are fast if written with performance in mind and writing applications in python is fast too.

Course Outline

Introduction to Python
Basics of Python  
Introduction to Unit Testing in Python (PyUnit)  
Lists, tuples and dictionaries  
Conditionals, loops and some other statements  
Abstraction and Exceptions  
Magic methods and Functional Programming Introduction  
Iterators, Properties and Attributes  
Aspect-Oriented Programming in Python  
Handling Files  
Database support  
Total Hours 40


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Instructor Name Eng. Ahmed Habib
Certifications OCA & OCP
Experiences Oracle Developer 4 years && Oracle Financial 2 years