Web Design Diploma

This diploma is one of the strongest diplomas in the internet pages design, this domain is necessary for many companies and individuals to make special sites, however it makes you one of the best Designers through better training programs.
This Diploma is very significant to: People who wish to learn web design using computer software; to obtain challenging position in labor market. People who already work in works already in the field of Web Design and wish to improve their capabilities in dealing with the computer; to develop their career. People who have self-studied Graphics Design and wish to enrich their knowledge throughout learning advanced skills 

Course Outline

Web Design Diploma
Introduction to Web Design  3
Color Theory 6
HTML & CSS . 10
Java Script . 12
Adobe Photoshop CS5 .(for web) 18
Adobe Flash CS5. 18
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 . 12
Expression Web 4 . 12
Art Work & Design 3
Domain & Web Hosting 3
CV & Interview Skills 3
CV & Interview Skills 3
Final Project . 12
Total Hours 106


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Mansoura, Ad Dakahlya , Egypt

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Instructor Name Mahmoud metwally
Description UI / UX engineer
Experiences UI/UX Engineer at Cloud9ers *Cloud Niners Ltd